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What is All Natural Juice Bar

All Natural Juice Bar. Simply a better taste!

We offer tasty and smooth Juices at Alvins Beach for everyone. You can visit us during Monday to Friday when the sun as high as in the sky. Don’t forget to bring your friends with you and enjoy our refreshing shots, including an Oxygen Bar!

We sell a variety of Pressed Juices and Shots with the following flavors: Ginger, Tumeric, Cherry, Wheatgrass and Chocolate Almonds.

It is commonly known that oxygen can be physically and mentally healing. It can help lift one’s mood, even shifting the chemical balance that is necessary to feel well. Come visit us with your friends and experience the relaxation!

We make it accessible and affordable for everyone

All Natural Juice Bar is proud to offer you healthy power shots. We start with whole fruits and vegetables and use a cold-press process to extract every last drop of goodness – no heat keeps your nutrients intact.

Our Flavors

Ginger Flavor

Want to add a little sweet & spicy to your day? This combination of apple & lemon with spicy ginger & cayenne is the perfect balance of flavor and a great boost to incorporate into your day!

Our Flavors

Made with a good dose of ginger & cayenne, this juice has a kick!

Hot & Cold

Want to go the spicy cider route? Try heating up this juice for a warming cup during the cold months.

Potassium Boost

With 10% of your daily recommended potassium, our Apple Ginger Lemon Cayenne juice provides an added boost of nutrients to your day!

Lemon Flavor

What’s in this juice? It’s a blend of mango, lemon, monk fruit and turmeric. The combination of turmeric with refreshing mango and lemon make this elevated lemonade taste like summer in a bottle. Thanks to the properties of turmeric, naturally sweet mango, and a natural monk fruit sweetener, it’s a happy choice inside and out.

60 Calories a Bottle

With just 60 calories per bottle, get the refreshment & flavor you crave without compromising taste or nutrition goals.

High Quality Ingredients

We specially source our turmeric from Fiji to help provide good nutrition & the vibrant orange color that you see in our lemonade.

Elevate Your Cocktails

Whether you’re making a mocktail or a cocktail, find your out-of-office vibes no matter where you are with delicious mango and lemon.

Tumeric Flavor

Our Turmeric Almond is a spin on our Vanilla Almond with the added benefits of turmeric and cinnamon! Turmeric paired with cinnamon and a touch of black pepper provides a smooth aromatic flavor with a sweet spice to our almond signature blend.

Protein Boost

Get 9g of protein with each bottle for an added boost in your day!

BP & T

Cinnamon, vanilla & sea salt come together with the ultimate duo of turmeric & black pepper in a warming blend of spices.

Specifically Sourced

We source our turmeric specifically from Fiji for the perfect vibrant color.

Cherry Flavor

What’s in this juice? It’s a blend of grapefruit, aloe vera and mint. Wake up your taste buds with a distinctive combination of tart, pink grapefruit, invigorating mint, and mild, hydrating aloe vera water. The perfect way to start your day: with a bit of tang and a lot of healthy refreshment.

100% of Vitamin C

Made with grapefruit, one bottle provides 100% of your daily recommended Vitamin C!

Elevated HH

Elevate your HH by mixing with our Citrus 3 (we recommend vodka or tequila!)

No Added Sugars

With no added sugars, enjoy this refreshing blend without worrying about anything hidden or extra.

Wheatgrass Flavor

What’s in this juice? It’s a blend of wheatgrass, celery, spinach, lemon, kale and parsley. Simple, clean, and full of green goodness. Purists everywhere can rejoice in this clean blend of cucumber, celery, spinach, lemon, kale, and parsley.

Clean Green

Without any apple and just a touch of lemon, this green juice is full of all the green veggies you need.

Wellness Hack

Want to add a boost to your Greens 1? Drop in a Wellness Shot for a ginger kick!

50 Calories

At only 50 calories per bottle & 20% of your daily potassium, enjoy all the benefits.

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